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Dear Custom Home Builder,

    Welcome to Fountain Hills! It is with great pleasure my wife and I are writing this letter on behalf of Saguaro Homes and Jack Hansen.


    Jack built our house over two years ago and if we were to build another one today, there is no question we would choose Saguaro Homes. Jack's keen eye caught problems on our plans and also during construction which could have affected the finished product but didn't because of his attention to detail. Anything that did arise, either with our plans or during construction, was handled in a courteous and professional manner. Jack always returned our phone calls promptly, and AFTER we moved in.


    My wife and I have friends and associates who have built homes in the Valley and have been disappointed with quality of construction as well as the builder's lack of follow-up after construction. That in NOT the case with Jack. My wife and I received a bonus when we built our house--we met Jack Hansen.


    Jack doesn't just build houses, he builds quality custom homes for the desert environment. For example: Our home is approximately 2250 square feet, the pool runs six hours a day, we maintain a comfortable temperature (78-80) with programmable thermostats, the house is all electric (SRP), and the front of the house faces west. In 1991, not one electric bill exceeded $200.00! Most people with the same circumstances have electric bills, in excess of $350.00!


    We love our new home and we are very proud of the workmanship. If you would like to talk with us or view our house, we would be happy to have you make arrangements through Jack Hansen.



Charles and Jean Guite

Fountain Hills, Arizona


copyright 2001

Saguaro Homes LTD.

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