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Dear Jack:


This letter is to express our appreciation to you for the new home you built for us in Fountain Hills. We have been living here for over four months and we are very satisfied with the house. We are pleased with the high quality of the workmanship that was used in all phases of the construction.


Your knowledge of the entire home building process and what constitutes high quality is exemplified by the finished product that you delivered. Looking back, we recall the extra effort you took to see that all job segments were completed to the highest standards of quality. We are aware that for many sub-contractor areas,  your continued monitoring and, in some cases, your personal corrections were indispensable in attaining a superior result.


The many suggestions you made to improve the design and site layout have proven to be particularly valuable. These important specialized areas, known to you because of your experience, are not obvious to the typical purchaser (nor to the designer). These "touches" are part of what you hope to receive from a custom builder, but often do not.


Your indulgence with and during our many excursions to the job site was also highly commendable. We are sure that these trips we made to bring or select "special" items were very important to our overall satisfaction.


The bottom line is that we are very pleased with our new home. Consequently, we would be happy to have you use us as a reference for your future prospective customers.


We wish you success for the future!


                                                                                            Jerry Treadway

                                                                                            Rita Treadway


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